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Moween and friends rock 'n blues 'n ballad


In 1998 Peter and Bram rejoined. During the 60's they were already active in music. Later Peter played in a band called Lady Lake and and Bram started together with Hans Broeklander the Rolling Stones coverband : "Instead of Stones". After many years they "found" each other again, and this contact remained up to now. So now and then they meet, and lock themselves up in the IDQ studio in Utrecht. The music on this site is the result of it all. There are no plans for live performance yet, but who knows. The music is doing good on the internet. Especialy in Danmark, Russia, Barbados and the U.S.A. It's always a big ball when they make music. A little jamming, talking, relaxing, having a beer, inside, or when the weather is good outside along the channel. In June (2003) R.E.M. and crew were in the studio. Scott McCaughey took care of the vocals on "Move on".

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